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Want to encourage others to participate and raise awareness for Heterotaxy at the same time?  Feel free to download our Any Way 5K flyer and share it at the gym, library, school, work, grocery store, etc!

Heterotaxy Awareness Day is just around the corner and we're gearing up for our 2nd Annual Any Way 5K!

In the same fashion that the bodies of those with Heterotaxy find their own unique way to function, we would like to invite you to find your own unique path to complete a 5K!​

Any Course!

Any Day!

Any Way!

Whether you want to walk, run, bike, skate, etc... alone or with a large group...anytime between May 4th and June 4th.  

Just click on the image for more information and to register!

AW5K Downloadable Flyer