Our all-volunteer board is made up of women from across the USA who are united in their love for their children with heterotaxy and their desire to see every family receive the support they need while they walk the hard road of heterotaxy.

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Heather Williams, former vice president and one of our two co-founders, hails from Marysville, Washington. She stepped down from the board in 2019 to devote more time to raising a teenager, preteen twins, and a six year-old with heterotaxy.

Working with Heterotaxy Connection brought a new focus to Heather’s passion for advocacy, and she found a great sense of purpose in being able to help fulfill a very real need for support and care in the heterotaxy community.

Heather remains a trusted voice in our community and continues to share her heart with us in so many ways, whether through her vast wealth of knowledge or her profound care for our bereaved community.

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