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Heterotaxy Research and Clinical Care Collaborative

The Heterotaxy Research and Clinical Care Collaborative (HRC3) is a group of physicians and scientists working together to conduct research and improve the clinical care for patients with heterotaxy.

HRC3's Mission

  • Conduct basic science, translational, clinical and health services research to understand heterotaxy pathophysiology, phenotype and clinical outcomes.

  • Foster relationships among various subspecialty clinicians carding for patients with heterotaxy.

  • Offer support and guidance for the development of local heterotaxy clinical centers of excellence.

  • Develop local and national patient registries to provide a platform for clinical studies.

  • Educate patients, families and peers regarding diagnostic tests, medical surveillance and treatments for heterotaxy.

  • Standardize language and definitions across various medical specialties.

  • Organize international scientific conferences to share research and clinical care progress.

  • Facilitate patient participation in industry-sponsored clinical trials.

  • Spread awareness of health-care disparities.

Find Out More

Visit the HRC3 website to learn more about our partner organization.

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