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Heterotaxy Connection is thrilled to announce the publication of a consensus paper along with experts in many of the fields related to care and management of people with heterotaxy syndrome. Our organization maintains a commitment to furthering research and education, with 10% of all donations being earmarked for our research fund. These funds were used to provide open access to this paper so every family in our community will be able to make use of the crucial information it contains.

Our hope is that all heterotaxy families, from those facing a new diagnosis to those who are seasoned veterans decades down the road, will benefit from the expertise gathered in these pages. 

Of special note from the consensus paper is the following table, which summarizes management suggestions for patients with heterotaxy syndrome:
Table 2-1_edited.jpg
Want a quick overview of heterotaxy and what we do here at Heterotaxy Connection? Click the image to download a printable pdf file of our Heterotaxy Connection brochure. 
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More links to research studies and other helpful articles about issues affecting the heterotaxy community; we will update this list as new information becomes available, so be sure to check back frequently.

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